The original salad chicken

→ The original salad chicken

picture - The original salad chicken

1 ) chicken medium size

4-5 ) Eggs ( stuff)

) Glass-half walnuts (cleaned, of course)

2 ) Pomegranate - fruit

400 g ) Green salad (to the leaves)

) Greens: beam onion, cilantro and dill

) Spices and herbs, like tarragon, ground black pepper and salt

The way of cooking.

Eggs you want to cook. Chicken - cleaned seeds and fry the flesh. Lettuce, cilantro and dill have finely chop. Only a few lettuce leaves should be left to decorate the whole. Cut small slices of the flesh of chicken mixed with chopped eggs and podavlennoi greens, salted, pepper and special sauce. To prepare the dressing, skip the nuts through a meat grinder, add chopped onion and thoroughly the mixture to grind. After the salad is seasoned, it should chop him in pomegranate seeds and tarragon. Decoration salad as desired.

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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