Cabbage, Apple and grapes - very tasty salad

→ Cabbage, Apple and grapes - very tasty salad

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among other things you will need another half a lemon, which will need only the juice, and vegetable oil for salads

Cabbage and grapes can take about 200g, and Apple enough for one (medium size). Oil you can use olive, but it is already a matter of taste cooks and those whom he intends to treat.

Moreover, the cabbage will need to shred very finely (the smaller, the better), apples cut into strips, and the grape - leave whole berries. There are several special recommendations on selecting suitable ingredients. First, the cabbage is better to choose young. Secondly, the apples here are more suited sour. Thirdly, it is obvious requirement: the grapes have to be pitted.

The method of preparation.

Finely shinkovannaya cabbage mixed with chopped apples and grapes. Only slices of Apple must be smeared with lemon juice. Then mixed the ingredients can be refilled with oil (vegetable). Only stir the salad should very carefully. So the grapes don't get crushed, and cabbage juice is not allowed ahead of time. To insist salad is not necessary - it is ready to use immediately after preparation.

Salads, in vegetable oil have always been the most useful. And if they are prepared simply and quickly, and their taste is rich colors, then rates such subsidiary dish no. This is the kind of salad useful, original, simple and very tasty - can be attributed salad with cabbage and apples. Only in addition to all the already mentioned qualities, this appetizer again and produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates metabolism.

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