Vegetable salad with apple and sesame

→ Vegetable salad with apple and sesame

picture - Vegetable salad with apple and sesame

2 (Batch)

1 medium-sized carrots

1 small beets

1 apple

2 celery stalks


For the sauce:

2 Art. l. sesame

1 Art. l. honey

1/2 slice of lemon

1 Art. l. cognac

olive oil (or vegetable)

Grind (should go as vermicelli): raw beets, carrots and apple.

Peel the celery, cut crosswise into thin slices.

For the sauce: Heat the oil and fry it quickly sesame (until fragrant and golden brown grains). Fire off.

Connect to another hot pan sesame, honey, lemon juice and brandy.

Before serving, mix the grated vegetables and fruits and half of celery and season sauce. Podsolit. (Strongly salt is not necessary. Barely, to set off the sweetness of vegetables and sesame support note).

Arrange the salad on a platter, garnish with the second half of celery or apple slices and lemon.

Fill the dish just before serving, that is, you can cook, and fruit and vegetable based, and filling, but not join them ahead of time.

The longer dressed salad is worth, the more merge its components, losing their bright individuality. And nutty flavor becomes weaker, and the wonderful aroma of cognac evaporates. Remember that.

Salad simple, fast and surprisingly tasty. Sauce of roasted sesame seeds, honey, lemon juice, butter and brandy creates bright nutty flavor with a slight bitterness and envelops the consumer warm fragrant mist, warming iznutri.Blyudo out very juicy, contrast and sensual. Its taste is clearly felt the union of male (salty-bitter, hard) and female (sweet) began.

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