Vegetable salad with ham "Winter"

→ Vegetable salad with ham "Winter"

picture - Vegetable salad with ham "Winter"

200 g red cabbage

200 g cabbage

60 g cooked carrots

60 g pickles

60 g ham

60 g apples

40 g vegetable fat

40 g cheese

20 g olives and oranges

20 g green celery

10 g lemon juice

2 eggs


Finely shred the cabbage and grind it with salt, add lemon juice and vegetable oil.

Finely chop the ham, apples, pickles, orange cut into slices, carrots - circles, combine ingredients with cabbage.

Cook eggs, finely chopped, cheese cut into thin slices, add all the salad and mix.

Decorate vegetable salad with ham "Winter" celery.

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