Salad with feta cheese and olives

→ Salad with feta cheese and olives

picture - Salad with feta cheese and olives

100 g cheese

12 olives pitted

4 leaf Chinese cabbage

1 coriander

1 grapefruit

3 tbsp. vegetable oil

2 tbsp. lemon juice

? tsp. sugar

black pepper


Fry the cheese in a pan with ribbed bottom or on the grill, it should be formed of strips. Cut the cheese into cubes.

Divide the grapefruit into slices.

Olives cut into rings, shred the cabbage strips.

Stir the lemon juice, oil, sugar, pepper and salt, whisking.

To connect grapefruit segments, cheese and olives, stir, put the salad on cabbage leaves, drizzle with the dressing.

Before serving, arrange the salad with feta cheese and black olives with herbs.

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