Salad "Mushroom miracle"

→ Salad "Mushroom miracle"

picture - Salad "Mushroom miracle"Mushrooms like almost everything, for this reason, you just need to use such a valuable product in the New Year preparation. There are a lot of different salads with mushrooms, and if you really strive to treat their guests, something very special and interesting, then you definitely should pay attention to the salad "Mushroom miracle."

To prepare the salad you will need: 1 kg. mushrooms, 500 grams of chicken, 500 g carrots Korean, 10 eggs, mayonnaise, onion to taste, salt and herbs.

Prepare this salad can be very fast, it is completely without compromising quality and taste.

Trying times so funny salad, you simply can not afford the luxury to refuse to prepare it for the next holiday.

Chicken fillet boil, griby- better veshanku, pickle, pickle small amount of onions with mushrooms.

After marinating sliced mushrooms very small pieces, onion cut into very small as well.

Then it is necessary to boil the eggs. Chicken fillet leave for a few minutes to cool, then cut into the same small enough and beautiful cubes.

Eggs chop very finely.

Then thoroughly mix all ingredients, add the Korean carrot and mayonnaise liberally.

Salad really turns paradise, you just can not resist its wonderful aroma and therefore its great taste.

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