Salad easy "Bouquet for the woman he loved"

→ Salad easy "Bouquet for the woman he loved"

picture - Salad easy "Bouquet for the woman he loved"

300 g Boiled chicken breast

100 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

6 quail boiled eggs

6 lettuce

2 fresh cucumber

1 apple

1 orange

? lemon

? glass cooked rice

ground black pepper


Finely chop the chicken, cucumber peel, chop the flesh into strips, peel an apple from the skin and seed boxes, cut the flesh into strips, sprinkle with lemon juice.

Clear orange, cut into small pieces, putting 2-3 slices for decoration.

Stir chicken with rice, cucumbers, apples and oranges, mayonnaise.

Shots dish 4 lettuce leaves, sprinkle with lemon juice, put salad in a circle.

Cut into strips remaining lettuce leaves, sprinkle the salad.

Circles cut quail eggs, put them out of flowers, light salad "Bouquet for beloved women" issue of orange flowers and other ingredients to taste.

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