Salad with cod

→ Salad with cod

picture - Salad with cod

Required products:

200 g cod fillet

100 g boiled potatoes

80 g cucumbers

80 g tomatoes

20 g green peas canned
some peas to choose? we'll show

20 g the leaves of green salad

20 g vegetable oil

10 g lemon juice

10 g parsley

1 PCs egg

salt to taste

:Potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes cut into wedges, connect. Add the peas and chopped lettuce.

For filling the oil will combine with lemon juice and salt.

Fish simmered, cut into slices, add to the vegetables, pour over the dressing and mix.

Salad pile them on a dish, arrange sliced egg, sliced tomatoes and herbs.

Output per serving - 200. B - 19,9 g, W - 13, U - 8,00. K - 223.

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