Salad with spaghetti

→ Salad with spaghetti

picture - Salad with spaghetti

Required Products:

250 g spaghetti

200 g boiled beef tongue

150 g Canned salmon oil

3 pcs. tomatoes

2 Art. l. capers

200 g mayonnaise
some mayonnaise choose? we'll show

1 glass green basil and parsley chopped - on. spoon

12 pcs. lettuce

1/2 pcs. lemon

6 Art. l. grated hard cheese

ground black pepper, salt to taste

Spaghetti broken into small pieces, boil in plenty of salted water, drain. Cool.

Salmon knead, language and lettuce cut into strips, tomatoes - sliced. Prepared foods to connect, add the capers and mix.

Mayonnaise mixed with salt, pepper and herbs, season with salad.

When serving sprinkle with cheese salad and arrange slices of lemon.

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