Salad-cocktail, salmon (2)

→ Salad-cocktail, salmon (2)

picture - Salad-cocktail, salmon (2)

Required products:

180 g salmon canned

2 PCs boiled potatoes

4 PCs eggs boiled

2 PCs carrots, boiled

150 g prunes, pitted

100 g walnuts

1 glass mayonnaise
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

Fish crush. Potatoes, carrots, egg whites and yolks separately grate. Prunes steam out, drain and cut into strips.Spreading a layer of mayonnaise, place the prepared ingredients in the glasses in the following order: salmon, potatoes, egg whites, carrots, egg yolks, prunes, chopped walnuts.

When serving, arrange the salad greens.

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