Salad with turkey fillet: 5 recipes

→ Salad with turkey fillet: 5 recipes

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Turkey meat is increasingly praising doctors and nutritionists, and for good reason. Eating it regularly, you can not just lose a few pounds, but also improve the metabolism, so that his presence in the diet just need! The more so because so many choices of dishes that can be prepared with it. One of the most popular - it's salads. In this collection - salad recipes with turkey fillet.

Salads with meat turkey - delicious and hearty, if desired they may replace lunch or dinner, especially if you cook them with such it is often combined with products such as pearl barley or rice. Well, lighter versions of these salads with vegetables or fruit will be a great addition to the main course of the meal.

Salads prepared with smoked, fried and boiled meat turkey - it all depends on taste preferences. Of refills permitted all the standard options - sour cream, mayonnaise, vegetable oil. Especially tasty salads are obtained with turkey, seasoned with vegetable oil with additives - spices and herbs, they give snack special taste and aroma.

Options salad with turkey lot, well, we'll just about the best of them - everyday simple salad that you can eat every day.

First recipe: Turkey salad with vegetables, rice and yogurt dressing

picture - Salad with turkey fillet: 5 recipes

You will need: 150g natural yoghurt on and cooked rice, 100g roasted turkey breast or smoked, sweet pepper 60g, 20g vegetable oil, vinegar 15g 3%, 1 celery root, mint, parsley, pepper, salt.

How to prepare a salad with turkey, vegetables and rice. Boiled rice cool. Cut into strips prepared peppers. Clear celery root, along with turkey fillet cut it by small cubes. Connect prepared foods, add yogurt, whipped with vinegar, chopped herbs and butter, pepper and salt, mix thoroughly and serve salad at the table.

The next version of the turkey salad - a real diet.

Second recipe: Turkey salad with honey sauce

You will need: 300g turkey fillet, 50g greens, 2 shallots, 1 bell pepper, 2 tablespoons sesame seeds, 1 tablespoon honey, black pepper, salt.

How to cook a turkey salad with onion and honey. Preheat a frying pan with olive oil, put sesame and honey, add the sliced turkey breast, pepper, salt and fry until cooked. Finely chop the shallots, blanch it, cut into julienne peppers. Prepared foods combine, season with remaining in the pan after frying a turkey sauce, sprinkle with chopped herbs, mix and serve.

But the next version of the salad with turkey is hardly diet - it's pretty satisfying because of the presence of cheese and mayonnaise, but is still useful thanks to ingredients like turkey, tomatoes and yogurt.

Third recipe: Turkey salad with tomatoes and cheese

picture - Salad with turkey fillet: 5 recipes

You will need: 300g of tomatoes, 200g of cheese and turkey fillet cooked, natural yoghurt 150g, 100g green onions, ketchup 70g, 60g lemon juice, sour cream 40g, 20g of mayonnaise, pepper, sugar, salt.

How to prepare a salad with turkey and cheese. Chop green onions and mix with sliced tomatoes (you can clear them from the skin if desired), sliced turkey breast, sliced sliced cheese. For the filling mix the yogurt, mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice, ketchup, sugar, salt, pepper and season the salad, mix it and serve.

In a further embodiment of salad with turkey presence of mayonnaise is not so scary because the main ingredients, very light - in addition to the turkey is prunes and pineapple.

Recipe Four: Turkey salad with prunes and pineapple

You will need: 200g fillet of boiled or roast turkey, pineapple 160g fresh or canned, 120g mayonnaise light, 80g prunes, 4 leaf lettuce, herbs, salt.

How to cook a turkey salad with pineapple and prunes. Strips of turkey fillet, pineapple and chesrnosliv, season with mayonnaise ingredients, mix, salted, if desired, put in a dish, the laid lettuce and serve.

Last in our selection of salads with turkey version has the original recipe: here and turkey, and vegetables, and even fruit.

Recipe fifth: Turkey salad with vegetables and apples

You will need: 200g of roasted or boiled turkey fillet, 2-3 tomatoes and boiled potato tuber, 2 apples and boiled eggs, 1 cup mayonnaise liquid, 1-2 tablespoons apple juice / lemon, lettuce, salt.

How to prepare a salad with turkey, apples and vegetables. Thinly sliced turkey and sprinkle with lemon juice or apple. Cut into medium-sized strips or diced tomatoes, apples, eggs, potatoes. Connect prepared foods, mayonnaise, salt the, stir and put on lettuce leaves.

Salad with turkey easy to prepare, hearty and quite useful. Cooking can be to your taste, choosing the most favorite foods, or use tested recipes experienced cooks proposed in this paper - the choice is yours!

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