9 salad with sprats

→ 9 salad with sprats

picture - 9 salad with sprats

Sprat - great for any family feast, because they can make so many delicious snacks. One of the options of snacks - salads, which will be discussed in this collection of recipes.

Often with sprats prepare a variety of sandwiches and sandwich weight, but then the salads with them are obtained simply amazing. Fast, convenient, tasty - all this can be said about these salads. In this collection we have collected 10 recipes salad with sprats for every taste. Read, choose, cook for your pleasure!

First recipe: Salad with avocado and sprat

Need: 12 sprat, 3 avocados, 2 boiled eggs,? onions and lemon (juice).

How to prepare a salad with sprats and avocado. Cut avocados in half lengthwise, remove the bone, make an incision inside, sprinkle with lemon juice, small cubes cut onions and eggs. Some onions to put in each half avocado on top - a little egg, then a couple of sprat, sprinkle with lemon juice on top and serve in a common dish.

This salad - a rather unusual, he will love the avocado, but following a simpler and more familiar.

Second recipe: Salad with tomatoes and sprat croutons

picture - 9 salad with sprats

You will need: 2-4 tomatoes, 1 can of sprats, croutons of white bread, garlic, mayonnaise.

How to prepare a salad with croutons and sprats. With sprat drain the oil, chop them by small pieces, mix with garlic croutons missed, connect with fish, sliced tomatoes and mayonnaise, immediately apply to crackers had not melted.

Next salad is also very unusual and likely to appeal to all lovers of salads, in which traditional vegetables and foods with fruits and dried fruits.

Third recipe: Salad of sprat with apple and prunes

Need: 5 eggs cooked, 2-3 onions, 2 boiled potatoes, 1 apple and bank sprats, prunes, walnuts, mayonnaise.

How to prepare a salad with sprats, prunes and apples. Mash with a fork fish, drain the oil, egg whites rubbed on a coarse grater, then do the same with potatoes, apple. On a fine grater rub the yolks, finely chop the onion and fry in a meat grinder to grind nuts. Spread salad layers: fish, squirrels, mayonnaise, potatoes, egg yolks, apple, onion, mayonnaise, nuts and prunes, chopped.

You can just mix all ingredients, season salad with mayonnaise, not laying layers of products.

Recipe Four: Salad of sprat and vegetables with peas

You will need: 160g sprat, 100g canned green peas, 3 boiled potatoes, 2 cucumbers, 1 carrot boiled, 1 tsp lemon juice, parsley, salt.

How to prepare a salad of sprat, peas and vegetables. Cut into cubes of medium-sized carrots, potatoes and cucumbers, put them in a salad bowl layers, top with sprats, then peas. Drizzle salad with oil and lemon juice sprat, sprinkle with parsley.

If slightly expand the previous ingredients lettuce with sprats, we get the following.

Recipe Five: Salad of sprat with vegetables, pickles and peppers

picture - 9 salad with sprats

You will need: 300g mayonnaise, 250g canned green peas, pickles 5, 3 boiled carrots, boiled potatoes 3-4, 1-2 boiled beets, 1 onion and bank sprat (2 banks can).

How to cook sprat and vegetable salad. Vegetables need a little dovarit. Rub them, clean, on a coarse grater, then do the same with cucumbers or finely chop everything. Mashed sprats connect with chopped onions. Sprats lay at the center of dish, lay around the rest of the ingredients separate from each other gorochkami. Drizzle salad with mayonnaise and mix the feed.

Sprat very well with pickles, so you can find many recipes for salads with this combination.

Sixth recipe: Salad with croutons sprat, peas, vegetables and pickles

You will need: 250g canned green peas, 2-3 boiled eggs, 1 onion, boiled carrots, pickles, bank sprats in oil? small loaf, mayonnaise.

How to prepare a salad of sprat with pickles and croutons. Cut into small cubes loaf in the oven as it should dry, cool, pour oil on sprat and mix. Mash with a fork sprats, connect with crackers, finely diced eggs, onions, carrots (you can use raw carrots - then rub it on a coarse grater), cucumber, pepper, mayonnaise, mix well. Serve immediately on the table until the croutons are not soaked.

With sprats can prepare salads and a range of classic, slightly changing their recipes.

Seventh recipe: Salad "Mimosa" with sprats

picture - 9 salad with sprats

You will need: 500g for beets and carrots boiled, 6 boiled eggs, 2 onions, 1 can of sprats, mayonnaise, sugar.

How to cook Mimosa with sprats. Mash with a fork fish, minced onion, finely rub eggs on a coarse grater - carrots and beets. Sprats lay on a flat dish first layer promayonezit, top with onions, mayonnaise again, grated egg, salt the mayonnaise, carrot, sugar and salt, mayonnaise, beets, salt the mayonnaise, sugar. 2 hours before serving the salad stand in the refrigerator.

And sprats very well with beans, salad, try the following and will be able to see this!

Eighth recipe: Salad of sprats and canned beans

You will need: 120g of beans on white and sweet corn, 100g of cheese, 2 cloves garlic, 1 can of sprat? bread Borodino bread, mayonnaise, parsley.

How to prepare a salad with sprats and beans. Drain the oil into a separate bowl with sprat. Prepared from Borodino bread croutons, pour their oil, stir for 5-10min leave for impregnation. Mash with a fork fish, drained with corn and beans, passed through a press garlic, rub on a fine grater cheese. Connect all the prepared ingredients, add the mayonnaise, parsley, immediately file a salad.

Well, we will complete our selection of salads with sprats salads, which may well become a full lunch or dinner - very interesting and satisfying.

Recipe Nine: Salad of sprat and pasta

You will need: 300g pasta dry, 3 boiled eggs, 1 can of sprats, sauce - 2 tablespoons vegetable oils? tablespoons vinegar, 1 tsp mustard oil from under the sprats, dill.

How to prepare a salad with sprats and pasta. Cook the pasta, not razvarivaya. All the ingredients for the sauce to combine with chopped dill. Sprats cut by small slices, eggs, cut into quarters. Serve salad like this: on a plate put the pasta, mix them with sprats, decorate eggs and pour the sauce on top of everything.

Salads with sprats can be very diverse, so that you can make them for every taste, try it!

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