Sprat salad with corn and beans

→ Sprat salad with corn and beans

picture - Sprat salad with corn and beans

For this recipe you will need:

1 sprats - Bank

120 g sweet corn (canned)
some corn to choose? we'll show

120 g white beans (canned)

100 g cheese

1/2 pcs. black crackers (Borodino)

2 Garlic - cloves

mayonnaise, herbs - to taste

Oil from the sprats pour into a bowl with croutons and leave to soak for 5 ~ 10 minutes. Sprat mash with a fork. With beans and corn drained. Garlic push through spadefoot. Cheese rubbed on a fine grater.

Stir sprats, crackers, beans, corn, cheese and garlic. Mayonnaise. If desired, sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Serve immediately after cooking, or crunches lose crunchiness.

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