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If you already knocking guests, and the table is empty salad with crackers perfectly applied, because it is cooked for a few minutes. In this article - the recipe is very simple and quick salad with crackers for all occasions.

The salad, which we will cover in this article - an extremely simple and quick to prepare. It is very convenient to cook outdoors or in situations when you need to make a starter very quickly. Also he will rescue in situations when you have no work space for cooking - after all, no cutting, no cooking for this salad doesn't need anything. This is a simple, extremely fast and very delicious, nutritious salad with crackers, canned corn and beans.

Salad recipe with croutons, beans and corn

picture - Salad with croutonsIngredients:

2 packets of crackers of black bread (better with bacon flavor, jelly, etc.,)
1 Bank canned beans and corn
green onions, dill (optional)
some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show

pepper, salt

Method of preparation:

How to make a quick salad with crackers, corn and beans. Open the cans of beans and corn with a can opener. Drain the cans with liquid, put the corn and beans in a salad bowl. If you are using fresh herbs, chop it finely, add together with the croutons in the salad bowl. Season salad with mayonnaise, pepper, salt and stir. Serve with a salad immediately.

This salad should be prepared immediately before serving, because when keeping the crackers will soften and will not be delicious, crunchy combination. Another important point - Sol: as mayonnaise and crackers salty, you need to podsleuth salad moderately or podsleuth at all.

This extremely quick to prepare salad with croutons will help you out, and if you take it on a note. Its nutritional value and rich bright taste definitely will appreciate everything. To play with the taste of this salad using for making crackers with different tastes. Bon appetit!

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