Carrot "in Moroccan"

→ Carrot "in Moroccan"

picture - Carrot "in Moroccan"

1 kg carrots

100 g Feta cheese

5-8 mint leaves

4 Art. l. olive oil

1 h. l. cumin seeds

1 h. l. chopped mint



Carrots peeled, cut into circles about 2 cm thick.

Sprinkle carrots with olive oil, pepper and salt and place in oven and cook at 220 degrees until tender, covered with aluminum foil.

Give carrots cool, remove it from the oven, then grind to the consistency of mashed potatoes.

Pan warm, dry cumin seeds about 3-5 minutes, then grind them into a powder and sprinkle with mashed potatoes, together with chopped mint, mix carrot puree, add the remaining olive oil, stir again until the consistency of paste.

Hands crumbled cheese on top before serving carrot "in Moroccan" draw whole mint leaves.

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