Appetizer of salmon "snail"

→ Appetizer of salmon "snail"

picture - Appetizer of salmon "snail"

300 g Salmon fillets with salt
salmon which to choose? we'll show

150 g cottage cheese

1 cucumber

2 h. l. grated horseradish

ground black pepper

Such a beautiful and tasty appetizer perfectly decorate Christmas New Year's table and will appeal to all.

Cut the salmon fillet with long thin strips, lay a sheet of foil, arrange on a fish overlap.

Stir cheese with horseradish, pepper, brush the surface of the fish cooked mixture, roll roll.

Tightly wrap the loaf in foil, put into the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Cut the cucumber crosswise into 12 pieces.

With the roll remove the foil, cut it into 12 pieces.

Put on each circle on a slice of cucumber roll, before moving into the New Year's table this Christmas snack is made with greenery.

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