Appetizer Christmas ham "Christmas balls"

→ Appetizer Christmas ham "Christmas balls"

picture - Appetizer Christmas ham "Christmas balls"

200 g ham or cooked smoked pork

3 boiled eggs

2 processed cheese

2 garlic cloves

1 fresh cucumber

1 dill

Design by:

Korean carrot



Chilled in the freezer cheese RUB on a medium grater.

Eggs RUB on a grater.

Finely chop Vatchenko.

Wide stripes along cut off the peel of the cucumber (from it then you can do fir branches).

Cucumber also RUB on a grater, salt, pour the extracted juice and squeeze.

Combine the cucumber with eggs, ham, cheese, add mayonnaise, mix is the consistency of the mass could not be liquid.

Sformovat cooked weight bulbs.

Dill finely chopped, breaded in him balls and lay them on a flat dish.

Decorate the balls strips Korean carrots, each olive cut in half, insert in the form of loops carrots, add olives to the top of the balls.

Before serving Christmas buffet appetizer Christmas ham "Christmas balls" is removed in the fridge and is made of spruce twigs of cucumber.

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