Appetizer Christmas "Hepatic balls"

→ Appetizer Christmas "Hepatic balls"

picture - Appetizer Christmas "Hepatic balls"

liver pate

For breading:

50 g cheese

3 eggs

? stem green part of leeks

3-4 tbsp. sesame

2 tsp. turmeric

For the filling:

50 g walnuts

2 pickled gherkins

Four plates to prepare four breading: sesame seeds, grated proteins and cheese (half), grated yolks, cheese and turmeric, chopped leeks.

Finely chop the nuts and pickles for the filling.

Soaking hands in warm water, to mould slightly frozen pate balls in the middle of putting a piece of walnut or cucumber, roll ball, bread-crumbs and arrange on platter.

So do liver balls in 4 types of breading.

Before serving Christmas buffet appetizer Christmas "Hepatic balls" is laid out on a plate and arranged to taste.

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