Pies with cabbage - cheap and tasteful

→ Pies with cabbage - cheap and tasteful

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Pies with cabbage regaled, and probably always will regale their grandchildren caring grandmother. And that - really: cheap and very tasty. Learn how to cook these cakes is simply obliged to any hostess and pets will appreciate this skill appreciated.

Pies - one of the traditional Russian dishes and cakes with cabbage - even more so. Our ancestors ate them many centuries ago, and in the autumn staged skits or even cabbage - the party named in honor of one of the most popular crops because their conduct coincides with the harvesting of cabbage in the winter (billets made in late September after the feast of the Exaltation). Surely at such parties have been one of the treats and cakes with cabbage, because during the harvest of any vegetable with him preparing a variety of dishes, not just harvesting the winter.

Pies with cabbage - it's delicious, but also very useful, it is one of the least-calorie cakes, especially if you do not fry them in a pan, and bake in the oven and make unleavened dough. In general, they can be prepared from any of the test - yeast, puff, etc. Preparation of these pies are not too complicated and does not take much time, and the house is filled with "nice" smell of cabbage, blend harmoniously with the scent of freshly baked pastries, and you get at minimum cost hearty and delicious pastries.

Options cabbage preparation for filling

Cabbage filling for pies can be prepared in various ways, usually used cabbage, which before forming patties stewed or boiled in salted water until soft. When putting the cabbage can add prunes, sausages, meat, mushrooms, sausage or chopped boiled eggs. Or the listed products can be mixed already boiled until tender cabbage.

Also can be used for filling and pickled cabbage - it is usually stewed rather than boiled. Cakes of unleavened dough stuffed with sauerkraut, baked in the oven - the most useful of all the variants of these pies. But, nevertheless, the most popular among the cabbage cooked patties are considered to yeast dough.

Recipe for cooking cabbage pies to yeast dough

picture - Pies with cabbage - cheap and tasteful

Ingredients: 1 kg of wheat flour, 800 g of cabbage, 250 g butter, 60 g of sugar, 30 ml of vegetable oil, 15 g yeast-speed, five eggs bulbs 2, 3 teaspoons salt.

How to cook pies with cabbage for yeast dough. Stir 2 teaspoons salts with sifted flour, yeast and sugar. 200g softened butter to put in 400 ml of warm boiled water, pour the oil mixture into the flour gradually, kneading dough, knead homogeneous elastic dough, remove it at night in the cold, or keep warm in the 1-1.5 hours. Slice the cabbage, put on for 5-7 minutes in boiling salted water, then discard in a colander and immediately add the remaining butter. Boil hard boiled eggs, chopped onion, put it in a pan with hot oil and fry, then add to cabbage along with chopped boiled eggs and mix. If the test is appropriate in a refrigerator before forming patties he must let stand 30 min at room temperature. Divide the dough into equal parts, roll them into round cakes, spread the filling in the center and, lifting, zaschiplyat edge cakes so that the seam is formed on top of the pies. Put patties on a greased baking sheet and leave for 30-40 minutes for proofing, coat with beaten egg, cook in a preheated 160-180 degree oven for half an hour before browning.

If you do not have time to cook homemade dough can be used and ready to shop - as yeast or leaven, or even flaky. Stuffing, as already noted, you can diversify by adding additional ingredients to the cabbage - meat or vegetables (carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and others.) And cabbage itself can not boil, and simmer in a pan or replace fresh sauerkraut - each pilot hostess usually has its own time-tested recipe for cabbage pies, trying different options, pick up "your recipe" can you.

Along with the baking in the oven is very popular and hot pies with cabbage, but made so many times pies calories.

Recipe quick fried pies with cabbage

picture - Pies with cabbage - cheap and tasteful

Ingredients: about 1 kg of finished dough 700-800 grams of fresh cabbage, 1 carrot, onion and sweet pepper, 2-3 tomatoes, sugar, salt, pepper.

How to quickly cook pies with cabbage. The dough is defrosted in advance. Medium-sized chopped onion, saute in butter, add grated on a coarse grater carrots and shredded pepper, 2-3 minutes to extinguish, put the sliced cabbage, season with pepper, sugar and salt, simmer on low heat, add the peeled and chopped medium-sized tomatoes, simmer until cooked all. Divide dough into equal pieces and roll each into a ball, put the stuffing and formed into patties. Cook patties, laying them in a pan with hot oil and frying on both sides of the lid to browning. After frying patties spread on paper towel so that it absorbed the excess fat.

No matter how you cooked patties with cabbage - one can be sure for sure: these delicious and fragrant pies disperse very quickly!

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