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Pies with apple - a real joy for the sweet tooth, lovers of delicious pastries and connoisseurs of our national dishes. In this article we will discuss how to cook pies with apple so they always get well.

Rosy, exuding a fabulous flavors such delicious and cozy - apple pies with good reason so loved and popular in the season of ripening apples. Prepare them easily, invented many recipes for every taste, and eat them always with pleasure - to learn to do these pies is definitely worth!

Pies with apples can be done in different variations. First of all, they can be baked in the oven or grilled, first, of course, for the guardians of the figures and supporters of a healthy diet is preferable. The dough for these cakes can be anything: insipid, puff, yeast, etc. - It all depends on your tastes. Different fillings for cakes and apples can be prepared: they are placed on the dough as raw and in roasted or stewed. Often to the bull's-eye for the filling add raisins, dried apricots, nuts and other dried fruits.

It is believed that the most delicate cakes obtained from puff pastry stuffed with grated raw apples flavored with cinnamon.

We will talk about simple recipes for pies with apple that is easy to master any cook.

Recipe with apple pies

picture - Pies with apple

Need: dough - 60g margarine 11g dry yeast (1 package), 3-3.5 cups of flour, 2 eggs, 1 sachet of vanilla, 1 cup milk, 3st.l. sugar, stuffing - 3 large apples, 2-4st.l. sugar.

How to make apple pies. Margarine in advance and kept at room temperature so that it softened, sift the flour. Pour in the yeast? cup of warm milk, add 1ch.l. sugar, stir and leave for 10-15min, pour into a bowl to stay warm milk, put the softened margarine, remaining sugar, 1 egg, vanilla, flour gradually podsypaya knead the dough. Knead the dough by hand - it should have an elastic, homogeneous, non-tacky. Leave the dough to warm 1h. Apples peeled and seeds, cut into small cubes, sprinkle with sugar and mix. Increased 2-fold the dough to divide into equal pieces, then flatten each into a flat cake, top with stuffing and lift up the edge of the cake, zaschipyvaya - pies are obtained with a seam at the top. Greased baking sheet, lay a parchment, put patties seam up coat with beaten egg, put in a preheated 180 degree oven and bake for 30-40min before browning.

If you still prefer to fry the patties in the pan, then the filling of apples is better to add starch and knead the dough a little cooler than usual, adding more butter and eggs - this will prevent the discharge of juice from the dough during frying.

Cooking pies with apple on the proposed recipe takes a pleasure and no hassle, if you follow all the steps. To get even more delicious pies, you can give it to rise several times - 2-3 (knead the dough, left, climb, obmyat again left, climb again obmyat etc.). Bon Appetite!

Another option with apple pie, see the videoretsepte.

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