Pies with cheese: 4 interesting recipe

→ Pies with cheese: 4 interesting recipe

picture - Pies with cheese: 4 interesting recipe

Pies - it sounds delicious! And if it's cakes and cheese - it is still tempting. In this collection we will tell you about the most delicious cakes that you can cook with cheese.

Options of fillings for pies do not count - they can be cooked with meat, vegetables, eggs, herbs and so on, but one of the most popular pies with cheese, such appetizing and delicious that break away from them is simply impossible! Ruddy dough, and inside - stretching of aromatic cheese, for lovers of tasty meal is a real treat.

Cook patties with cheese from different test with different cheese - regular solid, Suluguni cheese, feta cheese, and so on, but to complement the cheese filling different products - there are many alternatives, but we will tell you about the most delicious of them.

The first recipe: Pies of flaky pastry with cheese

You will need: 1kg puff pastry is ready, 300g of cheese, vegetable oil.

How to make pies with cheese dough. The dough roll out thinly, cut into rectangles. On half of each rectangle to put grated on a coarse grater cheese, cover with second half of dough and sumipntg edge. Put the patties on a greased baking sheet at a small distance from each other. Put in a preheated 200 degree oven, bake until taromenane about 15-20min.

These cakes can be prepared with hard cheeses or processed cheese. Also the filling you can add nuts, herbs, etc. to your taste.

These pies are also very easy to prepare puff pastry.

The second recipe: Quick puff pastries stuffed with feta cheese and ham

You will need: 500g frozen puff pastry, 200g feta cheese, parsley 150g, 100g ham, 5 olives pitted, 1 egg and red sweet peppers.

How to make puff pastries stuffed with feta cheese and ham. Finely chopped deseeded peppers, ham, olives, parsley, cheese, stir the ingredients for the filling. Roll out the dough, cut rectangles, place the filling on half of the rectangles, cover test, sumipntg edge. Put the pies on with parchment baking sheet, coat with egg and bake for 15-20 minutes in a preheated 220 degree oven.

These cakes are cooked a little more difficult, because they need to cook the dough.

Recipe three: Cakes for yogurt pastry with feta cheese and nuts

picture - Pies with cheese: 4 interesting recipe

You will need: dough - g pancake flour, 90g yogurt thick, natural, 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp. melted butter, stuffing - 150g feta cheese, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. fresh mint leaves and milk, 1 tbsp pine nuts, roasted and raisins, vegetable oil.

How to make pies with cheese and nuts. Sift the flour into a bowl, add yogurt, both oil, knead her dough and put it away for 15 min in the fridge. For the filling one egg split in a bowl, add crumbled cheese, pour the milk and stir, adding nuts, raisins and mint. The oven to heat up to 190 degrees, divide the dough in half, one half to roll out, cut out the layer of dough circles around 7-8cm in diameter. On each circle put the filling so as to cover the second half of the mug and turned the Crescent edge to sumipntg, put the pies on a baking tray greased with oil, from the remaining dough in the same way to cook the remaining patties and coat them with the yolk of the second egg and bake for 20min to taromenane.

The latest in our range of pies - with Suluguni cheese or feta cheese.

Recipe four: Pies dough with cheese

You will need: dough - 50g butter, 15g yeast, 3.5 cups of flour, 1 egg, glass of milk and water, 1 tbsp. sugar, pepper, salt, stuffing - 350g Suluguni cheese or cheese, 50g butter, 1 egg, salt, vegetable oil for frying.

How to cook pies dough with Suluguni. 1 tbsp. flour, sugar and yeast and stir to dissolve in warm water, leave for 10-15min warm. The rest of the flour a hill sift in the center to make a hole, pour the warm milk, egg yolks and beaten egg white, warm oil and approached the dough (yeast mixture, knead the dough, leave it for 2 to 3 hours in the heat. Cheese grate, mix with butter and egg, and salt. Roll out the dough thinly, cut from a mug by 4cm in diameter, put on each tablespoon of the filling, to raise up and connect the region to sumipntg them. Fry the patties on both sides until taromenane pan with vegetable oil. You can bake them in the oven.

The cheese pies will appeal to both adults and children! Treat home so appetizing and delicious food!

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