Pozharsky cutlets - step-by-step recipe and details of making

→ Pozharsky cutlets - step-by-step recipe and details of making

picture - Pozharsky cutlets - step-by-step recipe and details of making

Crisp outside and tender chicken inside - the sight of these tempting appetizers suggests a real feast! To enjoy these fragrant Pozharsky cutlets, cook their need on their own, as sold in stores reminiscent of their original taste very vaguely.

Reasons for their preparation can be a lot of desire to please the home on a day off or make a more exciting meal in the week, surprise guests for a festive table, etc. the Process of making this wonderful dish is not easy, but it is definitely worth it.

His appearance Pozharsky cutlets, which is today one of the traditional dishes of Russian cuisine, required inventive innkeeper Daria Pozharskoi holding institution on the best ways Petersburg-Moscow in Torzhok. There were burgers were invented specifically for the arrival of the king who stayed here, or long before the Royal visit is not known exactly. To say only that these cutlets restaurant is very famous and every wealthy man certainly stayed there in order to enjoy the famous dish invented by the talented hostess. Wrote and A. S. Pushkin in 1826, and writer A. Esimov in 1844, and many other figures of that time. Gradually, the dish became increasingly popular, and the recipe it was somehow known to other cooks, and steel Pozharsky cutlets national dish.

The original recipe Pozharsky cutlets uses the following ingredients:

  • Chicken meat (breast and fatty with legs in the ratio 1:1);
  • Natural fat milk or double cream 20%;
  • White bread;
  • Onions;
  • Butter;
  • Pepper and salt.

Note - in the classic version of the egg in the preparation is not used, it is one of the main secrets of these Pozharsky cutlets.

The order of the stages and cooking secrets

The proportions of the ingredients in the classic recipe Pozharsky cutlets following: 800 g chicken fillets need to take 400 g onions, 150 g of crumb of bread and butter for the filling of the cutlets, 200 g crusts of bread for breading, 50 g butter for frying 1 Cup milk/heavy cream, olive/melted butter, pepper, salt.

Do not use to cook these meatballs are ready chicken meat, it is better to buy a big fat chicken and remove the fillet from the breast and legs independently. The skin needs to be removed, as the bones. To prepare the stuffing you in 3 ways:

  • Twist the meat grinder - 2 times through the fine lattice;
  • Grind meat blender until the consistency of buckwheat;
  • Chop meat sharp heavy knife.

The grinder is way less preferred, chicken for meat is still better to cut with a knife or you can do the same, but the blender, which is faster and more convenient.

In the cooked meat is then added sauteed in butter until transparent and soft, but without changing the color, very finely chopped onion (cooled), soaked in fatty milk or cream notify bread without crusts.

Special attention should be paid to the preparation of ingredients such as crumbs and butter. The butter should be cut into small cubes half a centimeter and put in the freezer. And the breading is better to cook from frozen in the freezer crusts of white bread or loaf (bread) by rubbing it on a coarse grater - you should get not too long, but not short kind of "scales".

Weight for meatballs is also prepared in a special way: mixed with onions and bread chicken mesida - kneaded by hand into the reservoir, going to a ball, warming up again, several times struck with force on the work surface (it is better to put it in a package to avoid splashes), in the process, seasoned with salt and pepper - the result should be a plastic mass, which will lipitsa without eggs (it is important that the stuffing does not move). Put in plastic stuffing frozen butter, quickly stir butter should not melt, remove it in the fridge for 30 minutes - it should be even more plastically due to the solidification of the fat.

Forming and cooking Pozharsky cutlets

Cooked breading need to pour out on a flat dish, free reach to put the plate with more hot water, which will need to dip your hands before forming each cutlet. Take the meat so that the palm was filled, but without slides, sculpt oblong oval patties, quickly pairwise (the batter should stick through the speakers on the surface of the cutlets moisture) and lay out the prepared patties on a flat dish. Moulding is carried out at a fast pace - the meat should remain cold. Before roasting chops you need to put in the fridge for 10 minutes.

To prepare Pozharsky cutlets can in melted butter or a mixture of butter and olive. Fry patties until Browning on both sides, then they should bring to perfection in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, putting there right in the pan, or put them on a covered foil pan. The baking time in the oven until tender, in different ovens it may be different, and depending on the size of the meatballs and the quality of the ingredients from which they are prepared.

Remember: Pozharsky cutlets better to eat immediately, but after warming up they lose all their flavor is the difference between crispy and tender filling. As a side dish usually use baked or fried potatoes, buckwheat.

Due to the complexity of preparation without eggs, here today is a very popular recipe Pozharsky cutlets with egg. Also in this recipe the chicken can be replaced with pulp veal, however, accepted that Pozharsky cutlets are prepared exclusively from the chicken.

picture - Pozharsky cutlets - step-by-step recipe and details of making

You will need: 500 g of pulp beef/fillet poultry, 1 egg,? a Cup of cream and milk, 1/5 white bread/white bread (loaf), 4 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp white breadcrumbs, pepper, salt, parsley.

How to cook Pozharsky cutlets with egg. Note that when cooking veal bread stuffing is not added. Veal cleaned of tendons and films, the chicken just peel the skin. Chop meat or grind in a meat grinder, add the butter (mashed), eggs, cream, pepper and salt, stir, whip. Molded mince patties, coat in breadcrumbs, then fry them in a pan with heated oil. Pan fried cutlets to put on for 5 minutes in the preheated oven, or cover the pan with a lid and 5-7 minutes to put them on the stove. Before serving, drizzle the chops with butter, sprinkle with herbs.

The cooking process Pozharsky cutlets quite complex, however, according to the stated guidelines, to prepare them can even a beginner in the culinary field. Delicious you homemade meatballs!

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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