Canning. Cabbage fermented with apples and mushrooms

→ Canning. Cabbage fermented with apples and mushrooms

picture - Canning. Cabbage fermented with apples and mushroomsCabbage fermented with apples and mushrooms

3 kg of cabbage,
400 g apples,
700 g fresh mushrooms
200 g of carrots
120 g salt.
Cabbage clean from dirty and damaged leaves, finely chop. Apples Wash, peel from the core and cut into slices. Mushrooms clean, wash, cut into slices. Carrot Wash, peel, grate.
Cabbage with salt, put in a bowl for salting, pouring apples, mushrooms and carrots. Trample, cover with a cloth, press circle and oppression. Put in a cool place.
Cabbage is ready when the juice will stop wandering and clear. Store in a cool place.

Mushrooms, pickled Cold

10 kg of mushrooms (syroezhek, saffron milk caps, volnushek and so on.)
2 bay leaves,
sweet pepper,
leaves of black currant, cherry and oak,
400-600 g of salt.
Mushrooms bust, carefully wash (pre-soak the mushrooms in cold water for a few days, changing the water until they leave the bitterness).
Base of the pan is lined with grasses for pickling spice. On them in layers 5-8 cm lay down mushroom caps, sprinkling each layer with salt. The top layer covered with spice herbs, cover with a cloth, put a circle on it, giving the yoke. As the sedimentation tank can be salted mushroom supplement, adding herbs and salt (40-60 g per 1 kg of fresh mushrooms). Mushrooms are ready in 28 days 5-6, mushrooms - 30-35 days, russula and volnushki-40 days, shaft - 50 days. If one container stacked different mushrooms, they must endure until cooked those salted longest.

picture - Canning. Cabbage fermented with apples and mushroomsMushrooms, pickled hot
Fresh mushrooms
black currant leaves,
dill, garlic, salt.
Mushrooms (mixture) to clean, wash and coarsely chop, boil in salted water. Tilt in a colander, cool. Broth strain.
Mushrooms cool salt coarse salt, add a piece of black currants and dill to taste, garlic slices or coarsely chopped. Stir, pour in the broth so that it barely covered mushrooms. Cover with gauze or linen napkin, press circle, put the yoke.
Mushrooms can be eaten in a few days. Cloth from time to time to wash, circle and oppression - wash. The resulting mold removed.

Marinade for cucumbers, tomatoes and onions

Na1 liters of water: 150 ml of vinegar
1 fennel umbrella,
horseradish root,
Article 2-2.5. spoons of sugar,
Article 2-2.5. spoons of salt.
Ingredients combine, mix, bring to a boil. Boil for about 10 minutes and remove from heat.

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