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Mushrooms for many fans of salted and pickled mushrooms - one of the favorite members of the species. If you have collected these wonderful mushrooms in the woods, or you managed to buy real forest mushrooms from the merchants in the market, then you will definitely come in handy in the article are recipes for their salting and pickling.

For a long time in our country mushrooms appear on the holiday table salted or pickled form - this appetizer is considered almost a delicacy because of its delicious taste. However, most fans prefer salted mushrooms mushrooms because they are salted out very tasty thanks to its fleshy pulp becoming crispy with salinity. Nevertheless, marinated mushrooms are very popular, especially because this method of harvesting is considered safer.

When pickling mushrooms are not subjected to heat treatment, and for pickling - boiled, so snacks are more secure.

The main feature of the preparation of milk mushrooms to salinity or marinating is that they definitely need to be soaked for at least a day (1 to 3) to have gone characteristic bitterness. Doing this strongly recommend everyone who harvests often these mushrooms, because even if you boil them a few times, do not soak it in front of this, the bitterness is still not completely go away.

Other features pickling and salting milk mushrooms:

- Suitable for the preservation of any mushrooms, but do not salt and marinate mushrooms old, you can tell them to spot resembling rust
- Do not use blanks worm-eaten mushrooms or fungi to insects
- In the mushrooms very good eats dirt, so wash them before soaking recommended stiff side sponges for washing dishes or other improvised means (toothbrush, etc.)
- Soaking mushrooms need to change the water at least every 3-4 hours, if the room is very hot, soak mushrooms better not more than fifteen days
- For pickling milk mushrooms best glass, enamelware without cracks and rust, ceramics, wooden barrel
- If you add at pickling sugar, mushrooms are obtained more delicate taste
- Like any other mushrooms, mushrooms with salinity and pickling is not recommended hermetically sealed - that you at times increases the risk of infection and botulism poisoning blank
- Marinated mushrooms kept longer salty, the last store no more than six months

Recipes salting and pickling milk mushrooms

picture - Mushrooms: salt and pickle

Mushrooms at salting or pickling obtained most fragrant and delicious thanks to its fleshy pulp and distinctive flavor. Composition of marinade may be minimal (only vinegar and salt) with additional ingredients or (currant or cherry leaves, horseradish, etc). Use the ingredients that are most familiar to you, that you love, and salted or pickled gruzdochki sure to please you.

The recipe is simple marinade milk mushrooms

You will need: 1 kg milk mushrooms, 1 liter of water, 6 tablespoons 9% vinegar, 2 tablespoons sugar and salt.

How to marinate mushrooms. Rinse and soak the mushrooms, then add water, bring to a boil and boil for 5-10 minutes. Further, water, sugar, salt and vinegar need to connect, bring to a boil, put the mushrooms, boil for 15-20 minutes. Put the mushrooms in jars and lids with sterile cork.

Recipe marinade milk mushrooms in piquant

You will need: white mushrooms, cherry and currant leaves, garlic marinade - to 1 liter of water 2 tablespoons salt and 1 tbsp sugar, black pepper, peas and sweet, bay leaf, cloves, each bank 1 tsp 9% vinegar.

How to marinate mushrooms. Prepare, wash and soak mushrooms, then pour the new water, bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes, removing the foam, then drain and rinse the mushrooms. All the ingredients for the marinade to combine and bring to a boil, put the mushrooms, simmer for another 15 minutes. In clean sterilized jars to put the washed leaves, chopped garlic slices, put on top of hot mushrooms, pour vinegar on top, to add to the necks of cans boiling marinade, close the banks of boiled lids, wrap a blanket to cool, store in cool temperature.

How to determine when soaked, ready for marinating mushrooms if: break off a small piece of fungus and chew - if it is not bitter, it means that you can start canning, "taste" a slice of mushroom need to spit it out.

The following recipe describes milk mushrooms salting cold way.

The recipe for pickling milk mushrooms Cold

picture - Mushrooms: salt and pickle

Need: 5kg milk mushrooms, 2 cups of salt medium ground, the leaves of cherry and currant leaves and horseradish root, several tubes without umbrellas dill and garlic.

How to pickle mushrooms cold way. Clean, wash the mushrooms, put in a glass, plastic or enamel bowl (wide pan, bowl or bucket), cover with cold running water, cover with a large plate on top and put it in the jar filled with water as cargo. 3 days to put the mushrooms in a cool place, changing the water 3 times a day, then get mushrooms. Each rub with salt, remove the container for salting, laying in her layers and alternating with slices of horseradish and garlic, chopped plates. Cover the top of the folded 2-3 times with gauze, put it on the leaves of horseradish, and on top - the remaining herbs, put on a circle of oppression - after the highlighted brine mushrooms should be covered with them completely. 1 month to make a container of hydrochloric mushrooms in a cool place, pour the brine, if necessary - otherwise zaplesneveyut mushrooms. Pickled mushrooms put into sterilized jars, cover with lids and store in a cool place.

Whether or not cut mushrooms before marinating - everyone decides for himself: do as you would be nicer to eat then salting.

The classic recipe for pickling milk mushrooms

You will need: 150g coarse salt, 5 kg milk mushrooms, 10 sheets of cherry and currant, 2-3 dry cap (umbrella) dill, 2 sheets of horseradish.

How to pickle mushrooms on a traditional recipe. Prepare: Rinse and soak the mushrooms to left bitterness. Put currant leaves and cherry blossoms on the bottom part of the dish with dill, lay down on top of the mushroom caps in a row, salt per 1 kg of mushrooms 30g of salt (it without top 1 tablespoon). Top again put a layer of mushrooms, adding dry dill and podsalivaya, so put all the mushrooms. On top of the mushrooms to put horseradish leaves, cover with a clean cloth, lay on top of a platter, put not heavy yoke, remove to a cool place (refrigerator, cellar or basement), leave for 40 days - after this time the mushrooms will be ready for use.

Salting or marinated mushrooms in autumn for winter, then you can decorate excellent snack any holiday table!

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