Festive sandwiches with herring

→ Festive sandwiches with herring

picture - Festive sandwiches with herring

Borodinsky bread

fillet salted herring

cooked beets

boiled eggs

some mayonnaise to choose? we'll show



The amount of ingredients will depend on the number of sandwiches. Such Christmas sandwiches with simple cooking method look very impressive and perfectly decorate the Christmas table.

Grate the boiled beets, separate the egg yolks from whites, separately grate, mix beets separately, the yolks and whites with mayonnaise.

Bread cut into slices lightly with mayonnaise, put on ring of onion, on top of a piece of herring.

Put on the perimeter of the sandwich around herring, beets, yolks and whites, herring put a sprig of dill.

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