Risotto with cherry

→ Risotto with cherry

picture - Risotto with cherry

2 glass figure

1 PCs the bulb is large

1 glass frozen cherries- (pitted)

0,5 glass raisins

150 g dry white wine

100 g cream

150 g cheese

0,5 glass nuts (any)

100 g vegetable oil

salt,spices to taste

The rice, pour salted cold water for 3 hours.

Then drain the water.Raisins wash.Onion peel,finely

to shred.

Heat the pan with oil,saut the onion

add the rice and fry for 3 minutes,add salt,spices

the flavor.

Add cherries,raisins, stir.Pour in the wine and wait

until it is fully absorbed.Add a little water

a little put out until tender rice.

Add the cream, stew for another 2-3 minutes.

Then sprinkle with grated cheese,chopped toasted

the nuts. Turn the heat off.Cover with the lid.

Let stand 5 minutes. And you're done !

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