Tartlets with pate and cranberry

→ Tartlets with pate and cranberry

picture - Tartlets with pate and cranberry

300 g chicken liver

90 ml cream 30%

80 g cranberry

40 g butter
what kind of oil to choose? we'll show

40 ml brandy

12 the shortbread tartlets

1 head onions

1 tsp. honey

dried thyme


Melt the butter, fry onion finely chopped, add the prepared chicken livers, 10 minutes to extinguish, then pour in the cognac 25ml, pepper, salt, add the thyme, cover, continue cooking for 5-7 minutes

Allow the liver to cool in the pan, then put all in a blender, add the cream, until smooth stir.

Put the cranberries in a saucepan, pour 15 ml of brandy, put the honey, the lid 8 min boil.

Put the paste into a piping bag, spread out nicely on the tartlets in the center leaving a dimple, the dimple to put cranberry sauce.

Before serving tartlets with pate and cranberry cooling.

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