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Buy pate chicken liver at any store, but better to cook it in your own hands! In this article we will discuss how to prepare a delicious terrine of chicken liver to the delight of all the family.

Today, every person is faced with a choice: to buy ready-made food available in shops and delivery services in abundance, or to cook something probably the most. Most often the choice is in favor of the first, but to cook in our time, as many do not want, or cannot because of the time. So sometimes we forget how simple it is to prepare some dishes, such, for example, as pate chicken liver, what is their true taste. Make it home at least once and make sure home much tastier than the store, and only about the absence of any harmful additives not to say it makes no sense.

In pate chicken liver contains vitamins a, C, E and b group, as well as nutrients that are beneficial to health.

We will discuss the classical version of pate chicken liver cooked with onions and carrots.

Recipe of pate chicken liver

picture - Pate chicken liver

You will need: 900g chicken liver, 100g of butter, 2 carrots and sprigs of parsley, 1 onion, 2tbsp.l. vegetable oil, pepper, salt.

How to make pate chicken liver. With the washed liver cut pieces of fat and connective tissue, salt and pepper, leave at room temperature for 15 min. On a coarse grater grate the carrot, fry it in a pan with vegetable oil for men over medium heat, add the onion, fry for 5-min, add the liver and cook until it is tender about 10 minutes (at this stage you can add to the pan a little water or some broth and bring to full evaporation). After 5 minutes of cooking add to the pan with chopped parsley. The prepared weight blend blender or 2 times through a meat grinder. Fill prepared pie soft butter at room temperature, again beat with a hand blender or put through a meat grinder, bringing to uniformity.

Part of the prepared paste can be stored in the refrigerator, and some to freeze in plastic containers. After thawing the taste of the paste will not change. To defrost the pie, use a microwave. Also, this paste is suitable as a filling for pancakes or profiteroles.

Liver - low-calorie product, and the same property will have a paste, if you don't add butter (or add just a little bit), not fry the liver, and put out on the water or boil, and carrots and onions to saut literally at the drop of oil very lightly. Enhance the taste of low-calorie pie, you can use herbs (Laurel, clove, black pepper, nutmeg, and so on). Starting from the suggested recipe, you can add your own ideas or something to clean up - do and cheer delicious meals your loved ones!

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