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1.0 kg Liver turkeys

0.25 kg Bacon bacon -�

0.1 kg Onions�

0.1 kg Carrots

0.1 l Broth

0.2 kg Butter


Liver turkeys as a rinse. Clean the onions and the carrots, cut them into cubes. Then dice the bacon fat. Put liver, bacon, chopped vegetables on the hot pan and, stirring gently, fry on all sides until cooked. Add spices to taste.

After that You have to skip the liver with vegetables through a meat grinder twice.

In the resulting meat, add the butter and broth, mix well. Put the mixture in the form and remove to cool in the fridge.

Before serving, cut the paste into portions and serve with lettuce leaves.

How to choose a meat grinder. We'll show you.

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