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The dough is easy to prepare, and to make him a lot of delicious products. Today we will talk about cooking simple and very quick dough.

The dough is a broad concept, because there are many variations: this can be flaky yeast dough, sponge and straight, semi-liquid, and so on, But perhaps the most popular is universally dough. From this test, you can prepare any baking, and frying it on a pan and baking it in the oven.

If in your family there is no such universal dough recipe, passed on from generation to generation, do not despair - if you want you can always learn how to do, and a good recipe, we'll show you.

Prescription fast universal dough

picture - Fast universal doughIngredients:

500g flour
what kind of flour should I choose? we'll show

30g fresh yeast
1-2 eggs
1 Cup of milk (250ml)
2-3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp. sugar
? tsp. salt

Method of preparation:

How to make fast universal dough. Dissolve sugar in warm milk, add the yeast, stir. Sift the flour into a deep bowl in the center to make a hole, pour in the yeast and leave until the foam is "cap", indicates that the mixture has strayed (appears on the surface of large bubbles, cracks). Beat eggs with salt, together with the oil, add the dough, knead a soft dough, starting kneading from the center of the bowl to the edges and gradually picking up dry flour from the walls of the bowl. In a bowl, knead the dough, then drop it on the table - it will become softer, the air will be released and the consistency will become more uniform. Roll the dough into a ball and use for baking right - time to rise is no longer required. Finished products need time for proofing before baking (cakes), and if it's the pies that time the dough is not necessary - when you dolemite last pie, first will already be ready for frying or baking.

The surface of the table before hammering and hands when kneading is better to grease with vegetable oil so that the dough is not stuck.

Another option quick dough, see the videoretsept.

Videoretsept quick dough

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