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Done at home any dough much easier than it seems. In this article we will talk about simple recipes for different types of dough, reliable and proven by many cooks.

Today you can buy the dough in any supermarket - and yeast, and flaky, fresh water and, in general, what you want. But seasoned chefs say this dough is not any comparison with a home that is literally "breathes" a warm hand to cook it man. Another argument in favor of a self-service test - its cheapness compared with magazine: Think about it - if the price is equivalent to the cost of the packaging test a couple of eggs and a few glasses of flour? And even if the recipe contains baking powder, milk or other dairy products, spices, etc., there will still be much cheaper to make the dough itself. Prepare the dough at home is beneficial plus it turns out delicious, and any products - fragrant and, one might say, more comfortable. So why buy a store?

If the thing is to save time, you can do very simple: to make more convenient day test of the use, and the rest before storing it in the freezer - it will be perfectly stored until such time as needed.

Recipes cooking different types of dough at home

picture - Dough - recipes, quick and easy

At home, you can make any dough: flaky, fresh water, yeast, butter, shortbread, etc. We will tell you about the best recipes of preparation of different types of dough.

Unleavened dough recipe for yogurt

You will need: 1 kg flour, 500ml of yogurt, 1 egg, 1-2ch.l. salt, 1 / 2ch.l. soda food.

How to prepare fresh dough on kefir. Drive in the yogurt egg whisk until smooth, add soda, stir, gradually pour the sifted flour and knead the dough with a spoon first, then hands. One cup of flour should be left to the last batch and seeding the surface with sheeting. Knead the dough on a work surface well, well. Further work with the test depends on what you cook. For pies roll into a bundle, cut pieces of equal size of an egg, roll each into a pancake about 10-15cm in diameter and 0.5 cm thick, lay at the center of the stuffing, to lift up the edges and zaschipnut - get the top seam.

It turns out the dough easier and more lush in comparison with conventional fresh dough and cook it faster and easier than yeast. Suitable for cakes, pies, cakes.

Recipe of the classic pastry

You will need: 300g margarine / butter, 3 cups flour, 2 eggs, 1 cup sugar, 1ch.l. lemon juice, a pinch of baking soda and vanilla sugar.

How to cook a classic shortbread dough. Gorochkoy Sift the flour, add the usual and vanilla sugar, top with butter, grated or cut into pieces, add hydrated soda lemon juice, a knife to chop it all. Drive into crumbs eggs, then quickly hands knead the dough uniform, roll it into a ball and put into the cold for 1 hour, turning in a napkin or a film. Next, the dough can be operated on the basis of of prepared products.

Usually shortbread dough is rolled out to a thickness of 4-8mm - thicker layers of dough baked through such a bad thing.

The recipe is simple puff pastry

picture - Dough - recipes, quick and easy

You will need: 1 kg of flour, 800g butter / margarine, 400ml water, 2 eggs, 2st.l. vinegar, 1ch.l. salt.

How to cook a simple puff pastry. All products are very well cooled water including oil and hold it in the freezer. Stir the flour and all the oil, rubbed it on a coarse grater: rubbing oil, pour it constantly flour when it is rubbed all, then add the remaining flour, lightly hand all combine in a bowl, no kneading. Lightly beat the egg with vinegar and salt, pour in enough water to 500ml volume of the mass turned out, add to the oil-flour weight, adding gradually portions - kneading the dough very quickly that the products remain cold. Gather the dough into a large ball, divided into 3 parts, put each in a separate package, removed in the cold for at least 2 hours before using.

This versatile puff pastry that can be used for the preparation of any baking, including cakes, pies, cakes, pies. It turns out crumbly and very gentle.

Yeast dough recipe

Need: 300ml milk 50ml vegetable oil, 11g (1 sachet) of high-speed dry yeast 3 cups flour, 1ch.l. sugar? tsp salt.

How to prepare yeast dough. Heat the milk to about 40 degrees, add the yeast, sugar and 1st.l. flour, stir until smooth, leave on 20 minutes. In a recovered brew add the vegetable oil, the remaining flour, salt and knead the dough well, adding more flour if necessary - the dough should get too tight, medium density. Cover the dough with cling film, to leave 40min at room temperature, obmyat, leave for another 40 minutes. Next to the test, you can work on the assumption that it would be prepared from it.

With this test you can make muffins, pies and cakes.

Recipe curd test

You will need: 280g of flour, 250g of cottage cheese, 100g sugar, 50g butter, 1 egg, 1ch.l. disintegrant.

How to cook cottage cheese dough. Sift the flour and mix with baking powder. On the low heat in a skillet melt the butter, give it to cool slightly. Wipe blender or cottage cheese through a sieve, add together with butter to the flour and mix. Whip egg and sugar with a mixer, pour in the curd dough knead it until smooth and soft.

This dough is perfect for pies, bagels, cookies, and other variants of products from cottage cheese dough, which can be as baking and frying.

Make any dough is very, very simple - try to cook different kinds of dough on the proposed recipes, and you can verify this by 100%! Good Luck!

But another version of the popular test, refer to videoretsepte.

Videoretsept cooking simple test

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