Lasagna with chicken on pita bread

→ Lasagna with chicken on pita bread

picture - Lasagna with chicken on pita bread

500 g chicken meat

100 ml cream

4-6 thin pitas

1 head reatogo Luke

4 tbsp. tomato paste


black pepper



400 g cheese

300 ml milk
what kind of milk should I choose? we'll show

50 g butter

2 tbsp. flour

Peel the onions, chop, fry in oil, put the chicken mince and fry everything for about 5 minutes, salt and pepper, add tomato paste, stir, reduce heat plate, stew for another 5 minutes

Add the cream, cover the pan with a lid, then another 5 min, remove from heat, divide the filling into three equal parts.

Flour, fry in butter, add milk and bring all to a boil, salt the sauce is ready.

Cheese RUB on a large grater.

Pour the sauce on the sheet for baking lasagna, put a sheet of lavash on it - beef, sprinkle with cheese, again the sheet of pita bread, sauce, meat, cheese and so on until the end of the ingredients.

Last on pita bread should be a layer of sauce and cheese.

Next lasagna with chicken on pita bread is baked in a preheated to medium heat oven until Golden brown.

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