Lazy Lasagna (step by step cooking)

→ Lazy Lasagna (step by step cooking)

picture - Lazy Lasagna (step by step cooking)

The dish is very simple and surprisingly tasty

1 Thin pita bread, 3 sheets

0.5 kg 2. Minced beef

3 Onion (one large onion)

1 pcs. 4. Bulgarian pepper

5 Tomatoes

5 Cheese

0.5 glass 6. Milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

7 Spoon flour

Salt, pepper, seasoning for stuffing

Take the container for baking (I have a glass rectangular with walls 5 cm) and its shape cut into pita.

Fried minced meat with chopped onion, 5 minutes (salt / pepper / seasoning for stuffing

Simmer tomatoes with chopped bell pepper, about 5 minutes too (I have added dried dill / parsley

Now lay it in the form of layers: pita -gt; minced -gt; pita -gt; tomatoes and so on. I got 7 layers.

On the last sheet of lavash pour milk sauce (milk boiled with flour) and sprinkle it with cheese.

In a preheated 200 degrees. oven for 40 minutes.

It turned out unexpectedly delicious.

Today again preparing this dish and made some photos.

1. Fry the onion

2. As it becomes transparent, add the minced (today was Velkomovsky beef / pork 500g.

and fry until the moisture has evaporated.

3. Mince in a bowl and in the same pan tomatoes, bell pepper (pepper found only half, so added letcho) and until thick.

4. pita bread cut into the form (without photo) and begin to collect

pita bread stuffing


and so much work. I got the last 9 layers and minced with tomatoes.

Then pour it all milk sauce and covered with grated cheese:

turns out that's what

On the cut

Enjoy your meal.

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