Rolls and rolls of pita bread: the most delicious recipes easy meals

→ Rolls and rolls of pita bread: the most delicious recipes easy meals

picture - Rolls and rolls of pita bread: the most delicious recipes easy meals

Rolls of pita well accustomed to our festive table, which is not surprising, because this snack is very easy to prepare, it takes quite a bit of time, and now it turns out delicious, that hits the spot for all guests. In this article we will talk about the most delicious recipes snack rolls of pita.

With pita bread can be prepared in countless different rolls, because as a filling can be used mass of products: vegetables, meat and meat products, poultry, and processed cheese, chicken, mushrooms, etc. Typically, these rolls are cut into portions pieces and served as a snack, so it is very convenient to make of them beautiful compositions that adorn the holiday table. Also, when it comes to fast roll pita, it is useful to note that they can be both cold and hot, but the latter should immediately bring to the table until it cooled down - for example, this is true if you have baked them with cheese. Therefore, hot pita snack rolls prepared at least - with the cold is much easier, however, and the first noteworthy.

Of course, describe in detail the process of preparation of rolls of pita stuffed with does not make sense - this task is extremely simple and does not require neither the time nor culinary experience: Know yourself, spreadable filling, yes Collapses formation in pita roll - it is a trivial task! Therefore, the most "salt" in this case the filling - it is from a delicious filling will depend on whether your guests will enjoy a roll.

An interesting option: supplied as rolls of pita any traditional Christmas salad - crab, olive, mimosa, etc. This feed usual snacks certainly impress guests.

Well, if you stuff the pita still want no salad, we offer a few recipes of delicious rolls.

Recipe pita roll with minced meat, cheese and vegetables

You will need: 400g minced meat, 50g hard cheese, pita 3, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 2 tomatoes, 1 onion and carrots, mayonnaise, lettuce, greens.

How to prepare rolls of pita bread with minced meat, vegetables and cheese. Grind the onion, carrot rub on a grater, fry the onion for 3 minutes, put the carrots, put up her half ready, put the stuffing, fry half an hour until cooked, add pepper and salt. Slice the tomatoes, cheese rub, mix passed through a press garlic and mayonnaise, chopped fresh herbs, lettuce rinse and dry. Lubricate one pita bread with garlic mayonnaise, put on top of the stuffing, sprinkle with herbs, on both sides grease garlic mayonnaise second pita bread, put on the stuffing, put on his lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, cover well oiled on both sides of the third lavash. Sprinkle third pita with grated cheese on top, fold and roll all in an hour away in the cold, before being cut into slices and portioned out onto a plate.

Appetizer recipe from lavash with sausage and Korean carrot

picture - Rolls and rolls of pita bread: the most delicious recipes easy meals

You will need: 250g of boiled sausages, Korean 200g carrots, 150g mayonnaise, 50g parsley and dill, 2 sheets of lavash Armenian.

How to Cook a roll of pita. Cut sausage into cubes, chop finely greens, mix these products, adding carrots and mayonnaise. Lubricate one sheet of lavash half cooked stuffing, top with second pita bread, it also lubricate collapse all in a roll, remove to feed in the cold for at least half an hour, then cut into thin plastic and put it on a flat dish.

Recipe of pita rolls with curd cheese and salmon

picture - Rolls and rolls of pita bread: the most delicious recipes easy meals

You will need: 400g salted salmon, 120g cottage cheese, 4-5 tomatoes, 1 package pita, 1 bunch dill, mayonnaise.

How to prepare rolls of pita bread with smoked salmon and cheese curd. Mayonnaise 1 sheet of lavash, sprinkle with chopped dill, put a layer of chopped peeled tomatoes. Cover with a second sheet of lavash, spread his cheese curd. Thinly slice the fish and put it on the cream cheese, pita bread roll to roll in width, wrap film, put into the refrigerator for several hours or overnight, before serving cut into pieces of 1 cm thick.

You can do any other filling for pita bread to your taste, and, depending on the desired thickness of the roll fold simultaneously from 1 to 3 sheets of lavash at its discretion. And then we will focus on options such snacks and baking hot.

Recipe Roulade of chicken with lavash baking in the oven

You will need: 500g chicken fillet, 2-3 onions, 2 boiled eggs and thin pita, 1 carrot, 4 tbsp mayonnaise and garlic.

How to cook baked pita roll. Carrots and onions finely chopped, fry in butter until soft. Chicken twist in a meat grinder, add the carrot, onion and twist again. Add minced garlic passed through the press, pepper and salt, a little mayonnaise, divide weight in half. Lubricate pita bread stuffing, sprinkle with grated egg one. Top with second pita, spread his remaining stuffing, smooth, sprinkle with grated second egg, roll roll. Roll smear mayonnaise and bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes at medium heat before serving chop finely.

Serve this roll can be both hot and cold.

Recipe pita rolls, fried in a pan

picture - Rolls and rolls of pita bread: the most delicious recipes easy meals

You will need: 2 syrka melted, 1 boiled egg, bunch of parsley, pickled bell peppers and pita bread, 1-2 cloves of garlic on? boiled chicken breast and onions, mayonnaise, salt.

How to prepare rolls of pita bread in a pan. On a fine grater rub egg and cheese, mix with through the press garlic and mayonnaise. Grind the chicken, onion, pepper, add the chopped parsley and stir salted. Lubricate the entire area on one side of pita cheese mixture, top with chicken mixture, fold in pita bread roll, and cut it in turns to fry the rolls in a pan with a little butter until browning.

Better to use pan-grill.

Recipe hot pita rolls with smoked sausage

You will need: 200g cheese, 150g of smoked sausage, 3 boiled eggs, garlic cloves and pickled cucumber, 2 pita, 1 bunch green onions, 1 tablespoon butter, mayonnaise.

Instead, you can use smoked sausage ham. Finely chop the cucumber, sausage, eggs and cheese rub on a grater, mix prepared foods, adding passed through a press garlic, chopped green onions and mayonnaise. Each pita bread with mayonnaise on one side, put the filling evenly, turn rolls. Share on the laid parchment or greased baking sheet, coat with butter, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 10-15 minutes in preheated oven. Before serving, cut the rolls into portions pieces.

These rolls can be eaten both hot and cold, but hot, they taste better.

Prepare a snack rolls of pita for any occasion and a homely and visitors, as well as myself as a simple but delicious and always a good meal!

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