Cake "the malachite casket"

→ Cake "the malachite casket"

picture - Cake "the malachite casket"

250 g biscuit

350 g cheese

350 g cream 38% fat

30 g honey

1,5 g vanilla

1 g zest lemon

2 g lemon juice

125 g candied

75 g chocolate black

20 g gelatin

300 g the white chocolate glaze

1 g food dye green

100 g mastic confectionery different colors

35 g caramel

40 g marzipan

For the cream cheese and whip cream in a lush foam, add the honey, vanilla, grated zest and juice of a lemon, candied fruit, chocolate pieces, melted gelatin.

Sponge cake cut into two cake. Brush the cakes with cream, put on each other and refrigerate for 2 hours.

For the "walls" of the box put on the parchment colored green glaze layer of 1.5 mm, then apply white glaze in the form of divorce. Wrap the cake with parchment, then remove parchment. In the same way, follow the "lid" of the box.

To prepare beads of mastic colored "stones", glue them caramel.

Decorate the cake with flowers made of marzipan, beads of caramel and mastics.

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