Chocolate sponge cake with caramel cream

→ Chocolate sponge cake with caramel cream

picture - Chocolate sponge cake with caramel cream

140 g sugar

8 yolks

1/4 glass milled rye crackers

30 g flour
some flour to choose? we'll show

70 g grated chocolate

4 squirrel

For the cream:

120 g butter

1 tablespoon flour

0.5 glass milk

1.5 glass sugar

1 glass water

Yolks with sugar until white, add ground rye crackers, flour, stir, add the grated chocolate and whipped into a solid foam proteins chilled, gently mix and shift into a form that greased. Oven at 180-190S until tender. The cooled cake on top of oil cream.

Cream: In a saucepan add sugar, add a little water over medium heat until caramelized brown. Pour in the water and dissolve without removing from heat. Separately, melt the butter, add the milk, add flour and bring to a boil and mix with caramel. Cream cool slightly. Spread the cake and cut it into pieces.

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