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80 g cake marzipan and crumb - 300 g

1000 g bananas

50 g caramel

100 g cream

100 g chocolate

100 g the sugar syrup

100 g gel apricot pastry

Marzipan sponge cake cut into two cake.

At the bottom of the form put peeled and roasted in caramel halves of bananas (400 g).

For mousse with 600 g of bananas prepare mashed potatoes and connect it with melted in the hot cream and chocolate.

Put half of the chocolate-banana mousse in the shape of bananas, cover with marzipan cake batter, soak it in sugar syrup, then spread the remaining mousse, then the second cake batter.

Cover the cake with apricot gel, the side surface sprinkle biscuit crumbs.

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