"Herculean" dish

picture - "Herculean" dish

300 g flesh beef

200 g sour cream

1 onions

1 carrot

? glass wheat flour

2 Art. l. rice

2 Art. l. ketchup

2 Art. l. vegetable oil

ground black pepper


Boil in salted water crumbly rice, discard it in a colander, allow to cool.

Skip beef with onions through a meat grinder, add 2 tablespoons minced water, boiled rice, pepper and salt. Stir mass formed from her balls, breaded them in torment.

Lay on the shape of balls, oiled one layer, for 10 min bake.

Mix ketchup and sour cream, pour balls, stew them for another 15 minutes.

Cut into cubes carrots. Finished balls (2) connecting cubes of carrots to get a "dumbbell".

Garnish "herculean" dish boiled pasta. Drizzle before being formed in fire balls sauce.

How to choose a meat grinder. We will tell.

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