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The main feature of pancakes - their precocity. Rich, porous, they absorb any good gravy - sour cream, jam, marmalade, honey, etc. Plate with ruddy fritters can cause appetite even inveterate picky.

Unlike fritters of pancakes lies in a smaller size, oblong shape and splendor. To do this, add yeast dough, baking powder, kefir or yogurt, and then knead until the consistency of thick cream - so it is not poured from a spoon and slowly crawled.

It is not necessary to grill pancakes too - they need to get a little thicker pancakes, so turn them as soon as rise.

Do not forget very warm frying pan before baking! Those who follow the calorie content of food, be sure to remove excess fat from the fritters with a napkin.

Recipe lush fritters on kefir

picture - Pancakes on kefir, recipes with photos

We need:

  • Kefir - 0.5 liter
    some yogurt to choose? we'll show
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Butter - 70 g
  • Sugar - 60 g
  • Baking powder to the test - 20 g,
  • Salt - a pinch,
  • Vanilla sugar - 1 package,
  • Flour - 500 g


Melt butter, mix thoroughly it with yogurt, eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar. Sift the flour and add the salt and baking powder. Pour the flour into the mixture of kefir. Gently stir and leave for half an hour in the heat. Then once again stir the batter and fry pancakes on the hot oil on both sides until golden brown - it is 3-5 minutes.

Videoretsept on yogurt pancakes with raisins

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