Delicious meatless meals: recipes vegetable fritters

→ Delicious meatless meals: recipes vegetable fritters

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In the post you want to eat a variety of dishes, but sometimes because of the habit of using food of animal origin is very difficult to think of what to cook for Breakfast, lunch or dinner somehow come up with a couple of dishes, but every day they do not sing. But we know: lean cuisine can be versatile! We only need to know the recipes for meatless dishes. This time we will talk about Lenten Breakfast - delicious pancakes.

The main difficulty in making vegetable fritters is that in the usual and most common of their recipes use egg and milk or yogurt and other similar products that you can imagine pastries such as scones or pancakes many very difficult. But actually recipes for pancakes without milk, eggs, etc. very much!

Vegetable fritters can be yeast, yeast-free, sweet, vegetable - the choice is considerable. The dough is kneaded them from flour, sugar, salt and water, and the splendor they give the yeast.

If you are cooking you don't use yeast, be sure to add in the dough for pancakes hydrated with lemon juice soda or baking powder for the dough.

Vegetable pancakes can be cooked with nuts, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, apples and other products.

You can cook vegetable fritters in the traditional way - in a pan with butter, or in the oven, put on a greased parchment.

Recipe lush vegetable pancakes yeast

picture - Delicious meatless meals: recipes vegetable fritters

You will need: 2 cups flour, 11g active dry yeast, 500ml water, 1 tbsp. of sugar ? tsp. salt, vanilla, vegetable oil.

How to make a lush vegetable fritters. Sift the flour. In warm water to dissolve the yeast and sugar, stir for 5 to 10 minutes so that on the surface appeared foam, then add the salt, vanilla, gradually portions add the flour, kneading the dough. The consistency of the dough should resemble the cream, leave it after mixing in the heat for half an hour, cover - it has a 2 times increase in volume. When the batter is ready, heat a pan with oil, then put the dough in the butter using a tablespoon, shaping pancakes. Fry fritters 2-3min from one side to the good taromenane, flip, skumanich from the second side. After frying put the finished pancakes on a paper towel to absorb excess fat.

In the dough, you can add raisins or other chopped dried fruit, replace vanilla vanilla sugar, to make it more sweet or fresh to taste pancakes, regulating the amount of sugar.

What to eat vegetable fritters? With honey, syrup, jam, jam during lent this Breakfast can deliver no less pleasure than on other days. So lean yeast pancakes - a dish that will give a good mood and enjoying the taste of home baking in full. But if they're all more or less clear due to the yeast, how to be, if you want to cook vegetable unleavened pancakes?

Recipe yeast-free vegetable fritters

You will need: 1 Cup of water and flour, 1 tsp. baking powder to the dough, sugar, honey, vegetable oil.

How to make yeast-free vegetable fritters. Mix the sifted flour with the baking powder, gradually add water, kneading the dough, add the sugar and honey, stir - consistency it should be not too thick cream, add a little vegetable oil and stir again. Fry the pancakes in the pan in the usual way with two sides, pouring out the dough with a spoon or ladle.

Another option yeast-free vegetable fritters to mineral water. Just replace the normal water in this recipe for carbonated mineral.

Knowing the two proposed recipe vegetable pancakes - yeasts and yeast-free, you can prepare a lot of their options, adding to the dough a variety of products: nuts, dried fruits, fruit and vegetables. Well, we will tell you about yet another variant of this meal - in which animal products are replaced with a similar plant, in this case, cow's milk is replaced with soy.

Recipe vegetable pancakes with soy milk Apple

picture - Delicious meatless meals: recipes vegetable fritters

You will need: 2 cups flour, 1 lemon and Apple, 1 Cup soy milk, 3-4 tbsp. sugar, 2 tbsp. oil, 1 tbsp. of baking powder, pinch of salt, vanilla.

How to make vegetable fritters with soy milk. Mix the flour with the baking powder, sugar, vanilla, salt, and grated on a fine grater lemon zest. Cubes chopped apples or RUB on a grater, sprinkle with half the lemon juice. Gently heat the milk, to enter into the flour with the butter, add the rest of the lemon juice, stir, put the apples into the dough, stir again. Cook pancakes in the usual way: laying on the pan with a spoon and frying on both sides.

In the same way you can cook vegetable pancakes with coconut milk, which can today be found in many supermarkets - will be very tender and tasty!

There is always a way out, even in the post - experienced cook knows that there are no hopeless situations, and you can eat very tasty and in the post, and in the diet, and being a vegetarian!

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