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Have you ever cooked cheese balls? No? Well, then go ahead with the cheese and will conduct a master class. I am sure that the taste does not disappoint.
This dish is well suited, if your baby doesn't like cheese, I give a guarantee that the balls he just could not resist. They are tasty, just yum, crisp outside and tender, just cream cheese inside.
But with them and not to overdo it, because they are prepared in vegetable oil. This means that they are fat, which isn't always good for our stomachs. I like the dish is prepared once a month and then on a quality oil.


  • 300 g cottage cheese
  • 1 PCs egg
  • 2 tbsp. flour
  • salt, sugar, vegetable oil

Method of preparation:

Cheese put in a bowl and bit it will panem with a fork to break up lumps. Add the flour, egg, salt, sugar and all is well kneaded.
picture - Cheese balls recipe photo

Now accepted to form the balls, the principle is simple. A plate sprinkle with flour, put a serving of cottage cheese and hand formed a ball.
picture - Cheese balls recipe photo

Will continue to cook. Vegetable oil pour into the container, put on the fire and let boil. Then put one ball to boil.
picture - Cheese balls recipe photo

When the ball is Golden brown, remove the yoke from the boiling oil and lower the next.
picture - Cheese balls recipe photo

Balls lay on a paper towel that has gone excess fat. Remember (!) it is harmful for us! Don't neglect this procedure.
picture - Cheese balls recipe photo

Serve balls hot with sour cream or jam.

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