Oat-cranberry-cheese balls

→ Oat-cranberry-cheese balls

picture - Oat-cranberry-cheese balls

200 g whole wheat / wheat flour

200 g oatmeal

200 g sour cream

180 g butter

50 g sugar for the filling

50-70 g Cranberry / dried fruit

30 g sugar dough

1.5 tsp baking powder

All components of the dry mix, melt the butter and mix with sour cream, then combine all the ingredients (except 30 grams of sugar, cranberries and cheese), knead the dough, divide it into equal slices, roll into balls away for half an hour in the cold.

Mix cheese with sugar and cranberries.

Flatten each ball into a pancake, put the ball in the center of cheesecake, blind balls.

Bake oat cranberry cheese balls in a preheated oven temperature to medium browning.

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