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About ceramic kitchen knives now have probably heard already many. Someone even had or has experience of working in the kitchen ceramic knives, and someone investigates the vastness of the Internet in search of the ceramic knife, or read user reviews.

And reviews just a problem, too ambiguous they admire some ceramic knives, others reject them categorically. What is interesting, even well-read nayfomany (people are fond of everything connected with knives) were divided into two camps, some say that ceramic knives - a useless thing, others say that ceramic kitchen knives firmly settled in their kitchens with more than one ten steel knives groomed, and are very popular among households.

Let's look at such mixed reviews. As a rule, critics ceramic knives case is as follows: ceramic - brittle material such knife will not open the can and not razrezhesh frozen beef, and even a knife can fall to the floor and shatter, and good-bye, money thrown out!

Let us examine each statement individually.
Yes, more fragile ceramics. But at the same time and much more solid than steel (Mohs hardness 8,2-8,7 units have become a maximum of 6.2), thus sharpening kept much longer than steel knives. Ceramic knives are able to keep sharpening for years!

By the way, high-quality steel knives too, do not drop, as the blade can be deformed in such a way that without the services of specialists to return the knife past the quality you can not - it will tell you, anyone even slightly versed in these high-quality kitchen knives.

The same goes for cutting food on a plate and glass cutting boards, which are harmful to any knives.

As for cans and frozen meat, and here all manufacturers of high-quality kitchen knives in a voice say that if you want your knife served you long and true, use a special device for opening cans. A better pre-minced meat to defrost, because frozen, hardness it little different from the frozen winter asphalt. You would think to pick asphalt kitchen knife?

And now about the merits.
Ceramic blades do not rust
Hygienic - does not react with the sliced products and do not absorb the smell of cut products.
Keep sharpening for years! Neither steel knife is not capable of such.
Beautiful, always attract attention.

picture - Pros and cons of ceramic knives

If you want to cut meat or fish fillets, vegetables, fruit or bread (by the way, only ceramic knives cut the bread crumbs with virtually no) - it is best to deal with it is a ceramic knife. A brushed Ceramic Peeler carrots for a long time does not darken picture - Pros and cons of ceramic knives

Important! Ceramic knives can not cost $ 100, as they complicated production technology *
On the market today, a large number of fake and low-quality ceramic knives in the manufacture of which were used substandard materials or violate the production technology.

How to distinguish a fake?
In quality ceramic knife opaque blade handle is not loose, and no gaps between the handle and blade. In qualitative ceramic knives perfectly comfortable Lodge in the palm of the handle. Pay attention to the color of white ceramic - snow-white quality ceramics.

Technology of production of ceramic knives Samura
Kitchen knives Samura Eco Ceramic made from zirconium oxide. Zirconium oxide - a modern technological material, which is now used not only in the knife industry, but also in dentistry, and razors and clippers. In any case, this material should not be confused with granite and habitual "home" pottery (from which made dishes). Do "zirconia ceramics" Mohs hardness 8,2-8,7 units, it is the third hardness of the material after diamond and corundum !!! (At this scale steel maximally 6.2 units).
To achieve greater strength and durability of the ceramic knives Samura fired in an oven at a temperature of 1600 ° C for 6 days.

Striving for quick and easy money dealers, reduce the time firing up to 1-2 days. Namely, on the quality of the starting material and the long firing depends on how strong are ceramic knives.

Ceramic knife despite some limitations, which in principle do not differ from the requirements of care for steel knives, justified their niche, has a number of advantages over steel knives, and therefore, it is necessary in every kitchen. Only need to know "how to cook with it" (c)

picture - Pros and cons of ceramic knives

picture - Pros and cons of ceramic knives

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