Prakes (stuffed meat)

→ Prakes (stuffed meat)

picture - Prakes (stuffed meat)


500 g meat

75 g rice

1 pcs. egg

100 g onion

750 g cabbage

50 g tallow (beef melted)

2 glass broth

50 g tomato paste

75 g sugar

50 g crackers (black bread)

50 g honey cakes

1/2 g citric acid

pepper, salt - to taste

Exemption from the upper leaves and cobs contaminated cabbage salted boiling water blanch until tender, and then the water is drained. Select whole leaves and stems, discourage a hoe.

Boiled meat and broth filter. Boiled meat mince, add cooked rice, browned onions, salt, pepper, egg and everything is thoroughly mixed.

The prepared cabbage leaves wrapped and put the stuffing, giving the form of the envelope. Prepare the gravy: mashed biscuits and gingerbread diluted strained hot broth, add the tomato puree, citric acid, pepper, sugar and cook together for 10 minutes. stuffed put in a pan, pour sauce so that they just cover up, cover with a lid and bring to the readiness.

How to choose a meat grinder. We will tell.

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