Rice with cranberries (2)

→ Rice with cranberries (2)

picture - Rice with cranberries (2)

150 g Long grain rice

250 g cranberry

3/4 glass orange juice

1/2 glass chicken broth - 1

1/2 Art. l. mustard ready

1 h. l. grated orange zest

Salt - to taste

Broth, bring to a boil, sprinkle in the rice, salt and cook over low heat until until barley has absorbed all the liquid.

Little cranberry aside for decoration, fill the remaining orange juice, add the zest, mustard and cook the mixture over low heat for 3 minutes, drain.

Cranberry mixture, mix with rice ready, warm up it for 2-3 minutes, then lay into greased molds and seal.

When submitting Put rice weight from the molds on a dish in the form to thin strips of zest and cranberries.

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