Pork cutlet in brussels

→ Pork cutlet in brussels

picture - Pork cutlet in brussels

500 g pork

salt, cumin, garlic

50 g melted lard

300 g cabbage

50 g butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show

ground black pepper

150 g fresh tomatoes

100 g fresh (or canned) mushrooms

lemon juice

100 g puff pastry

1 raw egg

Pork cut into semi-finished products, portioned with bone, discourage, trimmed edges, rubbed with salt, garlic, cumin and sprinkle with flour and fry on both sides until browned, but not overcook. Cut into small squares cabbage, boiled in salted water, drain the water. Add the butter, salt, pepper, garlic and tantalized. Tomatoes cut into small cubes and fry separately with butter. Fresh mushrooms washed, cleaned, cut into slices and fry separately with the remaining butter, salt, pepper, sprinkle with lemon juice. On the pork chops are placed in layers braised cabbage, then roasted tomato cubes on top - a layer of sliced mushrooms circles. Puff pastry is rolled out, cut four large square. On each square of dough and placed patty wrapped in puff pastry in the form of the envelope. Break the egg, salt, stir, brush the egg surface of the dough and bake in preheated oven for about 25 minutes. Served with a salad of fresh vegetables.

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