Cheese biscuits with pepper

→ Cheese biscuits with pepper

picture - Cheese biscuits with pepper

150 g butter
Which oil to choose? we'll show

180 g Cheese durum

4 Art. l. powdered sugar

1/2 h. l. vanilla sugar

1/2 h. l. salt

1/2 h. l. paprika and allspice

1/2 glass cream

1/2 h. l. baking powder

1.5 glass flour

To decorate:

1 egg

sugar, cumin, sesame seeds, poppy seeds

Mix the softened butter with powdered sugar, vanilla sugar and salt, then add the cheese, grated on a coarse grater.

Pour cream cheese curd, add pepper and baking powder, pour the flour and mix thoroughly.

Divide the dough into 3-4 parts, each of which roll into a tight ball, carefully crumpled it in his hands. Then, place the balls of dough in a plastic bag and place them in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

After a specified time, brush the pan with oil or lay out his parchment paper. Preheat the oven to 200-210 degrees.

Balls refrigerator, remove them as they are consumed. Otschipnite from a small piece of dough, roll it into a smooth ball, which then primnogo hands. The height of the green preform to be about 1 centimeter. Now you have the first cookie.

Keep your distance, cookies and grow in width, and height.

Whisk the egg yolk and brush the resulting mass of each cookie. Then sprinkle it with sugar, poppy seeds, sesame seeds or cumin.

And place the pan in the preheated oven, baking for about 15 minutes at a temperature of 200-210 degrees.

Serve warm cookies to the table, with tea as well, it is wonderful and transiently with white wine.

You can pour the finished cheese biscuits with honey syrup. It is very tasty.

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