Duck in mushroom sauce

→ Duck in mushroom sauce

picture - Duck in mushroom sauce

Required products:

1 PCs duck

250 g vegetables (carrot, parsley)

pimento peppers

Bay leaf

ground black pepper


30 g dried mushrooms

50 g onion

60 g butter

40 g wheat flour
what kind of flour should I choose? we'll show

150 g sour cream

Cut the duck wash, tie legs with string, pour warm salt water, water to completely cover the duck. Cook over low heat in a sealed container until ready. At the end of cooking, add pepper, Bay leaf, diced vegetables and fried onion (30 g). When the duck is tender, remove it from the broth.For the sauce, pre-soaked mushrooms cook in a little water, cut into thin strips and fry the remaining onion into pieces oil.

Dried flour RUB with the remaining oil, dilute duck broth, type sauteed mushrooms and onions, salt and pepper, boil, add sour cream.

Cut into portions duck put in the sauce, warm it up and serve with crisp barley porridge.

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