Stuffed cabbage with beans

→ Stuffed cabbage with beans

picture - Stuffed cabbage with beans


300 g beans

300-400 g cabbage

100 g onion

80 g tomato paste

80-100 g vegetable fat

herbs, salt and pepper - to taste

Beans to sort and crush in a mortar (you can use a coffee grinder). Pour the beans into a deep pan, pour boiling water, cover tightly and let stand for half an hour, so swollen. Then cook.

Fry the onion in vegetable oil, salt, add red pepper and remove from heat. Beans ready to cast away on a sieve, connect with roasted onions, add the herbs and mix. Wrap the stuffing in the cabbage leaves and place in a saucepan or pot, putting between sweet peppers stuffed cabbage, previously soaked in hot water. Stuffed cabbage pour sauce made of tomato paste diluted with water with salt, pepper and sugar, and simmer over low heat until tender.

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