Pudding puff

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3 Art. l. hazelnuts

1 l milk
what milk to choose? we'll show

3 Art. l. sugar

3 Art. l. starch

0.5 l milk

1 Art. l. starch

1/4 vanilla - pod

2 Art. l. Cocoa powder

1 g Ground cinnamon

6 Art. l. whipped cream

1 Salt - a pinch

Nuts ignited, remove brown shell, grind or chop, then cook with milk and sugar, pour the dissolved starch in cold milk and bring to a boil. Cool.

For chocolate milk jelly add vanilla and bring to a boil. Starch, cocoa and cinnamon dissolve a small amount of milk, pour in the boiling milk and bring to a boil again. Add a pinch of salt on the surface of the jelly does not form a film. Cool.

Before serving, put the butter layers in the ice-cream bowls and place whipped cream.

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